Clean Install Windows 10

Clean Reinstall Windows 10 (Clean Install)

If you are upgrading from a previous version of Windows- such as Windows 7 or Windows 8, follow this article to obtain structured information on the update and installation. The functionality of this article is two fold. It provides information on both previously released versions and for clean reinstall windows 10 of your previous version from a Windows upgrade.

If you are using a preview version of Windows 10, be aware that it is a trail version and will expire within a stipulated time frame. This means that you have to update to the final version or revert to the version previously installed version. Based on the Requirements traceability matrix or RTM, Microsoft intends on providing upgrades for the final version within the trial version of Windows 10. Users appreciate the transparent testing process and even those who are not previously exposed to field testing are inclined to join. You can choose to upgrade to the paid version of Windows 10 or revert to the previously used version itself. Read on to find out more details and information of clean reinstall windows 10.


You can always shift back to your older version of Windows from Windows 10 using the Rollback option. If you have been sincere about the updates. If you have updated to Windows 10 from Windows Vista/ XP/7/8/8.1 and you want to revert to the clean reinstall windows 10, you may have to do it manually. Microsoft has announced that after upgrading to new version, the option to recover or restore your system to the original factory settings become invalid.

Recovery partition

Certain versions of Windows come with a pre-installed recovery partition option. This option comes in handy when a clean reinstall windows 10 is required if your system crashes. To start with you will have to boot your system by clicking on any of the function keys provided on your keyboard. The function key can be any key from F1 to F12 or the Tab key or the Delete key. Even if the recovery partition is not enabled on your computer, as is the case with Windows 7 or Windows Vista, you can use the recovery media that comes with the software as a CD or DVD. They come as single or multiple discs, labelled as Recovery Operating System. Install the drivers according to the serial number displayed on the CD. If your disc is dysfunctional or damaged, approach your system manufacturer for the recovery media.

Open on your browser to obtain all the required OEM contact numbers.

Your Windows upgrade is a retail copy

A retail version of Windows can be reinstalled using the disc provided by following the instruction manual that comes with it. In order to use an upgraded version, you will have to install the qualifying license to use the upgraded version. The links provided on will enable clean reinstall windows 10 of the upgrades for your system. Follow the instructions given in the links for easy setup and clean installation windows 10.

UPDATE: Please note that Microsoft does not provide Windows 7 or Windows Vista ISO images via Digital River anymore.

Users of Microsoft Windows 7 have so far been able to reinstall their recovery media or obtain the reinstallation media quite easily. Even if the installation disc was damaged or lost, a copy of the media would be available for clean installation windows 10 on an associate website called Digital River. But recently, Microsoft has terminated the option of downloading the media in ISO format from Digital River for clean reinstall windows 10. The website provided a digital equivalent of the disc that is to be used.

This was a viable option for those who did not wish to pay the charges for the installation or those who could not access the manufacturer easily or those who preferred clean installation without the manufacturers multiple software. It was user friendly and preferred globally by many people doing the clean reintallation windows 10.

Windows 8/8.1

Users of Windows 8 or 8.1 are generally restricted, especially in terms of form factors such namely Ultrabooks. These do not possess the optical drives that are generally required to enable restoration of drivers on your system. In such cases, the only option is to download a copy of the Windows 8 or 8.1 software to reinstall the operating system on your computer. This is tedious to do and so to overcome this hardship, third party developments and upcoming modifications it has become a lot more feasible to clean reinstall Windows 10

Make an informed decision about shifting back to Windows 8 after updating to Windows 10 or you want to revert to Windows 8.1. A reliable option for clean reinstallation windows 10 is is upgrading to Windows 8.1 from the store and then installing update. A lot of hassle is avoided when you directly download Windows 8.1 along with Update 1 from the store.

How to download

The new Media Cartoon Tool that has been released recently by Microsoft enables you to directly download the software as a .ISO file and facilitate Windows 8.1 along with Update 1.

Download the Media Creation Tool and double click on the Tool to start launching and setup. The setup may take some time to install.

Check the window displayed below. It will allow you to change Language or Architecture for clean reinstall windows 10.

The window displayed below shows you the list of options that can be selected.

To check if your system came with a pre-installed version of Windows 8, check the sticker on the bottom of your laptop.

You can also choose between different methods to arrange your files

Create a Media and install

Not all internet connections are speedy. Many connections use metered connections that restrict them from downloading files of larger size over an extended duration of time. Please keep note that Windows 8 is very large for many internet connections, considering its size of 2 GB.

Using a USB drive

A bootable copy can be created using your thumb drive if you have over 3 GB of available space for clean reinstall windows 10 . Thumb drives are cheap and therefore it is easy to consider this as the primary back up option. If you use Ultrabooks that do not have DVD or optical drivers or Netbooks, it is recommended that you use thumb drives.

Install as .ISO file

This is a virtual or digital model identical to the software present on your CD or DVD. Before you proceed to use it, burn the software on a blank disc. Windows 7 has an in built Disc Image Utility feature that can be used to burn .ISO files on to a disc. Third part application such as Roxio or Nero or Img Burn can be used for Windows XP or Windows Vista for clean reinstall windows 10.

How to create an .ISO file

    • This exercise teaches you how to create an .ISO file

    • Click on ISO file and then select Save.

    • Select your desired location and then click on Save.

    • The .ISO image may take time to get created.

    • Use the Microsoft.iso to USB/ DVD tool to generate a bootable USB or DVD after your .ISO file has been obtained.

Clean Reinstall Windows 10

Beginning the installation process

  • Changing your BIOS options from the DVD drive to boot can be accomplished by following the steps given below.
  • As soon as your computer is ready to boot from your DVD, this option should be displayed on your screen.
  • Installing from a thumb drive requires a different set of instructions.
  • The logo of Windows may appear on your screen and will be displayed for some time but keep checking if the indicator icon is visible and moving.
  • Eventually, your setup screen will appear and you should provide your currency and time. After entering the required details, click on Next.
  • On the window displayed, select Install now.
  • Your setup will begin shortly.
  • At this point, you may be prompted to enter a produvt key. Use any generic product key for the same.
  • Click the box next to Accept under the End User License Agreement and then click on Next to proceed.
  • For Advanced changes, click on Custom install Windows only.
  • Locate the drive that has Windows 8 installed and click on it.

A warning message may be displayed stating The partition you selected might contain files from a previous clean reinstall windows 10. If it does, these files and folders will be moved to a folder named Windows.old. You will be able to access the information in Windows.old, but you will be able to use your previous version of Windows.

Please make sure not to click any icon that says Delete or Format or Partition. Even if you are enabling a customized installation, all your files and data will still remain stored. Select OK to proceed with the installation. Do not worry if your system initiates multiple restarts during the installation process.

After the installation process is completed, you can proceed to finish the Out of Box fields such as selecting your computer and creating your username or password, setting your corresponding time zone. Check for and download all the recent updates for Windows on your system and clean reinstall windows 10 all the required applications or drivers.

Windows 8 Out of Box Experience page

The Windows. old folder will still contain all your previously stored personal files and can be clean reinstallation windows 10 on your driver. The Windows Easy Transfer tool also enables a stress free restoration to all your files that require backup.

Product Key For Clean Reinstall Windows 10

How to recover your files from Windows.old in Microsoft

Retrieving your product key

Microsoft stopped using stickers that display the product key with the onset of Windows 8. This generally meant that the user had to type the key in when clean reinstall windows 10 the OS on a new BIOS embedded product key. The concept behind this is to prevent unwanted users from accessing your product key with ease. Another advantage of removing the product key sticker is that it eliminates the possibility of loss of product key due to damage to the sticker. The laborious and long task of typing out the different letters and numerals while installing the operating system on your computer is also eliminated.

When a Windows user tries to reinstall the operating system on a computer that was enabled by Windows 8, the product key of the software is automatically obtained from the motherboard BIOS and the user does not have to type in or input any data. Simply put, this means that the Windows product keys that were found on the computers will no longer be provided.

Neosmart’s embedded product key for Windows 10

The embedded product key tool is specially designed for Windows versions 7, 8 and 10. It functions as a tool that recovers and displays the product key for Windows setup that is embedded in the EFI or BIOS. This enables you to clean reinstall Windows 10 with the authorized Windows setup display and can be stored as well.

To activate product key on your system:

    • Click on the Windows key on your keyboard and simultaneously click on the R key.

    • Type the following command exe 3

    • Press Enter

    • Type in your product key and then select Next to initiate it over the Internet

    Obtain assistance over the phone to activate your product key :

    • Press the Windows key and X simultaneously on your keyboard

    exe 3

  • Hit the Enter key

  • From the list of countries displayed, choose your country

  • Choose the option Phone Activation.

  • Wait for a support person to talk to you and in the meanwhile do not press or select any buttons

  • Explain your issue clearly to the support person and let them assist you in solving it.

you will finish the clean reinstall windows 10 on your computer.