Are you having trouble getting Windows 10 wifi problem after update Then there might probably be a network connection issue or Wi-Fi driver errors. To fix the Wi-Fi problems on your Windows computer, proceed with the below-mentioned troubleshooting steps.

Solution 1: Downgrading the Wi-Fi driver on your Windows computer

  • Click the Start menu at the bottom-left corner of the screen and type ‘device manager’ in the search panel.
  • Press the Enter key and give a double-click on the Device Manager tab from the search result.
  • In the Device Manager window, expand Network Adapters.
  • Give a right-click on the Wi-Fi adapter and select the Properties option from the pop-up menu.
  • Click the Driver tab and select Roll Back Driver to downgrade the Wi-Fi driver to the earlier version.
  • This will fix the Windows 10 wifi problem after update on your Windows computer.

Solution 2: Executing the network troubleshooter

  • On your Windows computer, click the Windows icon at the bottom-left corner and click the Settings icon.
  • Otherwise, press the Windows + I shortcut keys to open the Windows Settings screen.
  • Next, click on Update & Security in the Windows Settings window.
  • On the Troubleshoot screen, click on Internet Connections in the Get up and running section.
  • Click the Run the troubleshooter button and select the Troubleshoot my connection to the Internet option.
  • On the next screen, select the Try these repairs as an administrator option.
  • The troubleshooter will automatically repair and fix the Windows 10 wifi problem after update on your computer.

Solution 3: Resetting the network stack using the Command Prompt app

  • Click the Start menu and type ‘cmd’ in the search panel.
  • Hit the Enter key and give a right-click on the Command Prompt app from the search result.
  • Select the Run as administrator option from the context menu.
  • In the Command Prompt window, type ‘netsh winsock reset’ and press the Enter key.
  • Type ‘netsh int ip reset’ and press the Enter button.
  • To clear the current networking configuration, type ‘ipconfig /release’ in the Command Prompt window and press Enter.
  • To reconfigure the network settings, type ‘ipconfig /renew’ and press the Enter key.
  • Next, clear the DNS information by typing ‘ipconfig /flushdns’ in the Command Prompt window and hit Enter.
  • Close the Command Prompt window and restart your Windows computer to check if the problem Windows 10 wifi problem after update has been resolved.
Windows 10 wifi problem after update