To fix these type of error in the Windows 10 system, read the guidelines given below and proceed with the same. You can easily fix this errors in your computer and to solve the critical service failed error in windows 10 with our simple way of guidance.


Critical Service Failed Error





    • You can fix this issue by performing a System Restore operation from Safe Mode.

    • To perform a System Restore from Safe Mode, follow the steps given below.

    • Restart your system. While restarting your system, you can find the Boot Options.

    • On the Boot screen, navigate to the Troubleshoot option, and click the Advanced Options followed by Startup Settings to fix the critical service failed error.

    • Now the Restart button will appear on the screen, click it and wait for your system to restart.

    • The list of options will be displayed on the screen while the system restarts.

    • To turn on your system into the Safe Mode, press the F4, F5, or F6 keys available on your system keyboard

    • You can run the System Restore Tool once the system starts in a safe mode

    • Use the System Restore tool option to restore the older version of your system.

    • If the above method does not work, then repair your Windows 10 system using Windows Install Media.

    • To repair your Windows 10 system, first, get a bootable USB or DVD to fix critical service failed error in windows 10.

    • Navigate to the Windows Install Media section and select the Boot using the Windows 10 USB or DVD option.

  • Make sure to deselect the Installing Windows 10 option.

  • Select the Repair option. Wait for the repairing process to complete.

  • The error found during the boot process is fixed automatically.

    • Once the repair process is done, restart your Windows 10 system, and check if the issue is resolved.

    • If the critical service failed error remains unchanged, then refresh your Windows 10 system by following the instructions given below.

    • While your Windows 10 system restarts, select Boot Option –> Troubleshoot –> Reset this PC –> Keep my files.

    • To do that, navigate to the Settings section on your Windows 10 system.

    • Make sure to insert your Windows 10 USB or DVD into the system when prompted during the system restart process.

    • Select the version type you want to reboot.

    • Click the Reset button. Wait until the reset process finishes. Once the reset process is done, check if the issue is resolved.

    • If the issue persists, then contact our technical experts to fix this critical service failed error in windows 10 .