If you have the issue iCloud install error Windows 10, proceed with the troubleshooting instructions given on this web page.

iCloud install error Windows 10

Windows Media pack:

  • Download the Media Feature pack by clicking the Download button on the manufacturer web page.
  • Open the downloaded installer file and proceed with the instructions displayed on the screen to install the Media Feature pack.

Windows Media Player:

  • Navigate to the Windows search bar, type ‘turn Windows’ without the single quotes, and select the Turn Windows features on or off option.
  • Check if the Media Features checkbox is selected. If it is not selected, expand the section and select the checkbox next to the Windows Media Player option to fix the iCloud install error Windows 10.
  • Exit the Media Features dialog window by selecting the OK option.

Run as administrator:

  • Restart the Windows 10 computer.
  • Locate the iCloud setup file, right-click it, and choose the Run as administrator option.
  • Check if the iCloud install error has been resolved.

Uninstalling the previous version of iCloud:

  • Make sure to uninstall the earlier version of the iCloud program from the Windows 10 computer.
  • Restart the computer after uninstallation.
  • Install the most recent version of the iCloud program that helps to fix the iCloud install error.


  • The Windows 10 computer does not have a built-in install and uninstall troubleshooter.
  • Download, install and launch the main interface of the troubleshooter.
  • Click the Advanced option, select the Apply repairs automatically option, and click the Next option.
  • This will run the troubleshooter on the computer.
  • Once the Installing option is selected, the tool will detect and fix the installation problem.
  • When prompted, choose the iCloud program and click the Next option.
  • This will install the iCloud program on the Windows 10 computer without the error.
  • If you have queries in resolving the iCloud install error Windows 10, click the Call button available on this web page to contact our technical experts.