how-to-fix-itunes-error-45054 -windows-10


The iTunes 45054 error message appears on your system if the iTunes application is outdated, contains any corrupted system files, or has poor internet connection status. Read the troubleshooting steps given below and proceed the same to fix the iTunes error 45054 windows 10 issue on your system easily.




    • Close the iTunes application on your Windows 10 system if it opened.

    • Now, hold down the Windows or Control & Escape buttons on your system’s keyboard.

    • Enter the ProgramData keyword in the search field.

    • Press Enter. Now a dialog box will appear on the screen.

    • Make sure that all files are displayed. If any file or folder is hidden, click the View tap followed by the Hidden Items option.

    • Locate the Apple folder and open it.

    • Navigate to the iTunes section and select the SC Info and adi folders. Click the Delete button.

    • Once the selected folders are deleted, restart your Windows 10 system and relaunch the iTunes application.

    • Check if the error   message has disappeared on the screen.

    • Click the Call button to contact technical experts for more assistance in carrying out the troubleshooting process and to fix itunes error 45054 windows 10.


ITunes Error 45054 Windows 10