The laptop screen flickering Windows 10 might be caused mainly due to the display driver or incompatible applications. To identify the cause for the issue, perform the steps as described below.

laptop screen flickering Windows 10

Task Manager:

  • First, check if Task Manager flickers.
  • Launch the Task Manager window by holding the Ctrl, Alt, and Delete keys on the keyboard.
  • If it does not open Task Manager, hold the Ctrl, Shift, and Esc keys at the same time on the keyboard.
  • Scenario 1 – Task Manager flickers along with everything on the screen.
  • This indicates that the problem is with the display drivers.
  • Scenario 2 – Rest of the screen flickers except Task Manager.
  • This indicates that the reason behind the laptop screen flickering Windows 10 problem is an incompatible application running on the Windows 10 laptop.

Troubleshooting steps for Scenario 1:

  • Navigate to the Windows 10 search bar, type device manager, and choose the same from the displayed search results.
  • Click the arrow next to Display Adapters.
  • Right-click your adapter, choose the Properties option, and click the Driver tab.
  • Now, you can roll back, update, or uninstall the display drivers and then restart your laptop to check whether screen flickering has stopped or not.

Roll back the display drivers:

Select the Roll Back Driver option, followed by the Yes option.

Update the display drivers:

Select the Update option.

Uninstall the display drivers:

  • Checkmark the box next to the Delete the driver software for this device option and click the OK option.
  • Once done with uninstalling the display drivers, restart the Windows 10 laptop.
  • After the restart, the display drivers will be installed automatically, and this should solve the issue laptop screen flickering Windows 10.

Troubleshooting steps for Scenario 2

Check if all the applications on the Windows 10 laptop are updated to the latest version.

Uninstalling the application:

  • Press the Win key on the keyboard, click the Settings icon, and choose the Apps option followed by the Apps & Features option.
  • Search for the incompatible application from the Applications list and click the Uninstall option twice.
  • If you see a confirmation message on the screen, select the Yes option.
  • Restart the Windows 10 laptop and check if the flickering problem has been resolved.
  • If so, you can re-install the uninstalled applications one by one.

Re-installing the application:

  • Go to the Microsoft Store and click the More icon, followed by the My Library option.
  • Choose the application that you have uninstalled and click the Install option.
  • This will re-install the application on the Windows 10 laptop.
  • If the application is not available in Microsoft Store, download and install it from the trusted websites cahnce to fix the issue laptop screen flickering Windows 10.