Fix The Issue Internet Speed Slow Windows 10

The Windows system provides numerable features with every update and it also brings on some issues. A common issue on the Windows 10 computer is the internet speed slow Windows 10 due to the system programs and activities running in the background. Here, we provide you different ways to improve the internet speed on your Windows 10 computer. 

internet speed slow Windows 10

1. Turn off the Peer-to-Peer update

The Peer-to-Peer feature of the Windows system allows you to share the updates and files to other computers connected to the Internet. This can causes the issue internet speed slow Windows 10 computer.

  • Press the Win and R keys together to open the Run dialog box on the desktop.
  • Enter “Control update” and click OK.
  • Following that, click the Advanced options link and then select Delivery Optimization.
  • Now, find the slider of ‘Allow downloads from other PC’ and toggle it off.
  • Restart the Internet and check if it works faster than before. If you still couldn’t fix the Internet speed issue, then read the below solution.

2. Modify the internet bandwidth settings

The Windows computer assigns a certain amount of bandwidth for the system updates, apps, and settings. The remaining bandwidth is for you to use. Sometimes, this could be the cause of the reduced Internet speed. If you are not updating the system or using any system app, adjust the bandwidth to access the entire Internet bandwidth.

  • Open the Task Manager by pressing the Ctrl, Shift, and Esc keys together.
  • Once the window opens, click File and choose Run new task.
  • In the Create new task box, enter “gpedit.msc,” tick the checkbox of ‘Create this task with administrative privileges,’ and click OK.
  • Follow the path: Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Network > QoS Packet Scheduler.
  • Double-click the Limit reservable bandwidth menu.
  • Choose Enabled, set Bandwidth limit (%) to “0”, and click Apply.
  • Finally, click OK to save the changes. And now, check the issue internet speed slow Windows 10 computer.