After you log in to the Windows system, sometimes, the screen may blackout without any alert or error message. This problem occurs because of the software update error, technical issues of graphics and video adapter drivers, or incorrect connections. Know more about the Windows black screen after login issue and the solutions to fix it.

Windows black screen after login

1. Verify the cable connections

  • Make sure the power, network, projector, and video cables connecting to the computer are secure.
  • Disconnect the cables and reconnect them, and start the system again.
  • If you have connected other peripherals or hard drive to the computer, try to start the system after disconnecting the devices while fix the issue Windows black screen after login.

2. Turn on the device

  • Sometimes, the system goes into offline or sleep mode, which causes the black screen.
  • Press the NumLock or CapsLock key and check if the light turns on.
  • Otherwise, press the Win, Ctrl, Shift, and B keys together to turn on the device.
  • In case you have a tablet device, press both the upper and lower volume buttons three times within 2 seconds.

3. Start in safe mode

  • Click the Power icon, press and hold the Shift key, and select Restart.
  • Follow the given direction: Troubleshooting > Advanced options > Startup Settings > Enable Safe Mode.
  • Now, the system restarts in the Safe mode.

4. Restart in boot mode

  • The drivers of the system can cause trouble, therefore connect the installation drive or insert the DVD into the device.
  • Now, restart the system in Safe mode by pressing the Shift key while selecting the Restart menu on the desktop.
  • Next, the system restarts, and the blue screen appears; click the Use a device menu.
  • Select the device name that appears on the screen and continue with the restart finally you fix the Windows black screen after login.