Windows Update Error 0x800f0922

Check if your Windows system has enough space

  • The Windows update error 0x800F0922 is related to the Windows update issue. Make sure that your Windows 10 system has enough space to perform the update.
  • If not, free up some space on your Windows system by moving some important data into the external hard drive.
  • After making enough space on your Windows system, try to update the files.
  • If the issue persists, run Windows 10 Update troubleshooter to resolve it.
  • Click the Window icon and type ‘Troubleshooting’ in the search field.
  • Press the Enter button on your Windows 10 system’s keyboard.
  • In the Troubleshooting window, locate and select the Windows Update option.
  • Click Advanced –> Run as administrator –> Next.
  • Finish the remaining set of troubleshooting process by following the on-screen instructions.
  • After that, check if the Windows error 0x800F0922 is resolved.
  • If not, fix the VPN connection on your Windows 10 system to resolve this issue.
  • To do that, first, disconnect your Windows 10 system from the network.
  • After that, select Turn off VPN software –> Run Microsoft Windows 10 Update –> Restart PC –> Reconnect network.
  • Wait for a few seconds. Enable the VPN option.
  • Now, check if the Windows update error 0x800F0922 is resolved.
  • If not, click the Call button available on this screen to resolve it.