The Microsoft windows need a regular windows update now and then. The primary purpose of the Windows update is to keep the drivers and other Microsoft programs updated. The Microsoft update comes in the form of patches or service packs and also included the latest security enhancements. The Windows update usually happens automatically, so the user does not have to be logged in to Windows so for the windows update error 0x80070020 is occurring.

Check if your Windows system has enough space

  • You would have encountered an error 0x80070020.
  • The error code pops up when you try to update your Windows or install any downloaded software.
  • The error 0x80070020 occurs when a program is interfering with the windows update, or the antivirus applications cause some real-time scanning of windows.
  • It can also be as a result of disk or system file errors.

Here are some solutions to fix the Microsoft error.

Run Windows troubleshooter

  • The windows update usually resolves most of the problems related to windows.
  • Open the control panel and click on Settings.
  • Search for Troubleshoot and click on the search result.
  • You will see the option ‘Run the troubleshooter.’
Windows Error 0x80073712

BITS Troubleshooter (Background Intelligence Transfer Service)

  • The primary purpose of the BITS troubleshooter is to find and resolve the problems that prevent background downloads from working.
  • To open the BITS troubleshooter, open Troubleshoot options, and select View all on the left pane.
  • The BITS will be the first one on the list.
  • Right-click BITS troubleshooter and select Run as Administrator.

Disable your Antivirus (Temporarily)

  • As stated above, antivirus might interrupt Windows updates and cause the windows update error 0x80070020.
  • Open your antivirus windows, or you can also disable it by right-clicking it and selecting Disable.

Check For Disk Errors

  • Open the command prompt to perform this action.
  • The command prompt should read C:\ Windows\system32\chkdsk C:/f.
  • Run the command for each drive by replacing C with the hard drive alphabets on your computer.

Perform a Boot

  • The moment you turn on your Windows, several applications and window services start up automatically.
  • The antivirus application, and the system utilities all come under the applications.
  • Open the System Configuration from the desktop application.
  • The system configuration windows have a set of five tabs, click Services.
  • Disable all the third-party services one by one by clicking the checkbox. Click Disable followed by OK.
  • Now, restart your computer and perform the Windows update finally you can fix the windows update error 0x80070020.