How To Manage Wifi Settings Windows 10?

You can easily manage your Wifi settings in Windows 10 computer from the Settings window. You can also connect and disconnect a network easily.

Wifi settings in Windows 10

  • If you want to get connected to your wireless network, you have to configure your wireless router prior to the connection. 
  • Turn on your computer and click on the Wi-Fi icon in the system tray.
  • Now, choose Wifi settings in Windows 10 on your wireless network name from the displayed list.
  • If you don’t find your wireless network name, you can manually enter it and click on the Connect button.
  • To connect your computer to the wireless network automatically in the future, checkmark the Connect automatically box. In such cases, if the wireless network is available, your computer will automatically get connected to it.
  • Enter the password of your network and click Next.
  • You can also disconnect your network easily.
  • Click the Wi-Fi icon in the system tray and select your network. You can find the connected status under the WiFi name. Now, click on the Disconnect button.
  • Click the Start menu and launch the Settings application.
  • Go to the Network and Security section and select Wi-Fi.

  • If you find any issues in your Wi-Fi connection, select the Hardware properties option under Wireless network.
  • You can also run the troubleshooter from the Settings application.
  • When the results appear, select the Apply this fix option and wait until the troubleshooting process is completed.
  • Restart your router and computer to fix the issue.
  • If you are still facing connection issues, there may be issues with your Internet Service Provider.
  • You can also change your Internet connection as metered, if you find that your data is being drained out soon.
  • In case you wish to remove a Wi-Fi network, click the Manage known networks link in the Wi-Fi Settings window.
  • On the next page, select your Wi-Fi network and then click the Forget button. Now, the Wi-Fi network will be removed, and to connect to it again, you have to enter the network security key.
  • Contact us, if you need tech support for Wifi settings in Windows 10.