If you feel unsafe while using Microsoft, carry out the guidelines that are given below to protect your private information like Windows 10 privacy fix.

Step 1: Disable ad Tracking

  • Your data will be collected using ad tracking, and you may get targeted ads on your computer.
  • If you want to stop ad tracking, go to the Start menu and click the Settings icon.
  • Select the Privacy section and click the General tab for Windows 10 privacy fix.
  • Now, turn the toggle off in the Let apps use the advertising ID section.

Step 2: Disable Location Tracking

  • You will receive local weather and other content based on your location.
  • If you don’t want your location to be tracked, go to the Settings application.
  • Select the Privacy section and click Location.
  • Click the Change option under ‘Allow access to location and move the slider to the off position.
  • You can also select apps to use location. 
  • To clear the location history, go to the Location history section and click Clear.

Step 3: Turn off the Timeline

  • Open the Settings application from the Start menu.
  • Select Privacy and click the Activity history tab.
  • Now, uncheck the Store my activity and Send my activity history boxes.
  • Select the Clear activity history link and click Manage my Microsoft account activity data option.
  • You can clear your data from Microsoft’s Privacy Dashboard and then choose Windows 10 privacy fix.

Step 4: Managing Cortana access

  • In the search field near the Start menu, type Cortana.
  • Select the Cortana & Search settings option and select the Permissions & History tab.
  • Click the Manage the information Cortana can access option.
  • Turn off the slider under Location.
  • Turn off the toggle under Contacts, email, calendar & communication history to keep your contacts and email private.
  • Click Clear Cortana data to remove the data Cortana has collected from you.
  • Press the Windows and R buttons together and type “gpedit.msc” in the Run dialog box.
  • When the Local Computer Policy window appears, select Computer Configuration.
  • Open Administrative Templates and click Windows Components.
  • Locate Cortona and disable it to fix the issue Windows 10 privacy fix.
Windows 10 privacy fix