Microsoft Windows 10 Account Setup

Windows 10 Account Setup – Operating System

The sign-in password prevents unauthorized access to Windows. If you forget your sign-in password, you cannot access your Windows.

Use below steps to help you to recover or reset the windows 10 account setup you use to sign-in to Windows 10.

Note:HP SmartFriend is a support service that can help you to recover or reset the password you use to sign-in to Windows 10.

Windows 10 Account Setup

Microsoft Account

Reset your particular Microsoft account password online. You can reset your password on any device connected to the Internet.

Reset your account password with the help of windows 10 account setup.

Local Account

Use one of the below methods to reset the password for your local account.

  • If you have created a new password reset disk, use the disk to reset your particular password.
  • If a password reset disk is not available, you may be able to reset the password from a different administrator account.
  • If you are not able to access the account refer accessing your account when no other option is available.
  • If you need help to determine the type of account you set up on the computer, refer to which type of account did you create? And then you do windows 10 account setup

Log In To Windows Using Your Microsoft Account

Use a Microsoft connected account to log in to Windows

With a Microsoft connected windows, you log into Windows using your email address and the password can be reset using a different device at any time. You do not need a Hotmail or Microsoft email address to setup a connected account. Any email address will work to configure the windows 10 account setup.

Before you begin

Before attempting to reset your computer account password, ensure that you are using the correct keyboard layout to enter the password. Also, try all the possible methods to sign in to your account.

    • Passwords are case-sensitive:Switch the caps lock key and try entering your particular password again.

    • Verify the keyboard input method: In Windows, the keyboard layout can be changed on the sign-in screen. If you have more than one keyboard layout for Windows 10 account setup, ensure that you are using the correct keyboard input method to enter your password.

    • Use an alternative sign-in option: If you set up a picture password or PIN code for your password, try entering your password using another method. On the Sign-in screen, select Sign-in options. Choose an icon to select the picture password, Password or PIN.

Windows 10 Account Setup

Five attempts of entering the picture password and PIN are allowed before that sign-in options become unavailable. The options will be restored only after a successful sign-in to Windows. The regular password Sign-in option will remain after the other options are closed.

Create An Account And Set A Password

Which type of account did you create?

Windows features the option to sign-in to your device using a Microsoft Account or from a local user account. Your account can be accessed using a regular password or a picture password or a four-digit PIN code.

Did you use an email ID to set up the account?

Windows 10 Account Setup

  • YES

Most probably you have a Microsoft account connected to your computer. Follow the steps below to solve windows 10 account setup.

Reset the Microsoft connected account online

    • Open an Internet browser and go to the Microsoft Reset your password.

    • ChooseI forgot my password, and then selectResetyour password.

    • Follow the instructions that are displayed on the screen to reset your own password.

When your password is reset, you can use your Microsoft windows 10 account setup with the new password to sign in your account. Ensure your computer is connected to the Internet before you attempt to sign in.

    • NO Most probably you have a local PC account and you are able to reset your password using a password reset disk if one has already been created. Continue with the next step for instructions for resetting your password.

    • Reset your particular local user account password using a password reset disk

If you have forgotten your existing password of your user account, and you are unable to sign-in to your existing account, you can reset your existing password by using a windows 10 account setup disk. If password reset disk was previously created, identify the disk or USB Flash drive and use the below steps to reset the local account password.


This method is preferable only to local accounts. A password reset disk will not reset a Microsoft account password.

    • Switch on the computer and try to enter the sign-in password at the Windows Sign-in screen.

    • If the password was entered incorrectly, a message displays stating the username or password are incorrect. Select Ok.

    • Insert your password reset disk, and then select Reset Password.

    • The Password reset Wizard displays. Select Next.

    Obtain assistance over the phone to activate your product key :

    • Click the password key location from the menu, and then select Next.

  • Enter the new password, enter it again to confirm and then create a password hint to help you remember the password in the future. Select Next.

  • If the password was reset successfully, select

  • Use the available password to sign-in to Windows. You do not need to create a password reset disk for the new password.

Change the local user account password from another user account

If you have forgotten the password of user account and you are unable to sign-in to your account, you can change the local user account password.

    • Signin with another account that has administrator rights.

    • In Windows, search for and open another User account in Control Panel.

    • Select Manage another account.

    • Select the account with the forgotten password.

    Obtain assistance over the phone to activate your product key :

    • Select Change the password.

  • Enter the new password. Type the password again to confirm.

  • Enter the password hint to help you remember the password in future.

  • Select Change Password.

You can now sign-in to the account using the windows 10 account setup.

Accessing your account when no other option is available

If you do not have a Password reset disk, you do not have a Microsoft connected account and there are no other accounts in Windows with the administrator rights.

Perform a Push-button Reset to re-install Windows on your computer


Depending on the hard drive size, a push-button reset might not restore HP specific drivers and customisation.

This will remove all files, including local password information and return to the last known good version of Windows 10.

During the reset process, your apps will be removed. Many of the apps will be reinstalled from the Store. Some of the Apps will not be available in the Store. A message displays a list of unavailable apps. You will need to reinstall those apps from the web or from the installation disc. This list will display on your particular desktop after completing the windows 10 account setup you will reset your computer.

  • SelectStart. While holding down the Shift key, select Power, and then click Restart. Holddown the Shift key as the computer restarts, till the Choose an option screen opens.
  • From the Choose an Option screen, selectTroubleshoot
  • Select Reset this PC.
  • Select Remove everythingand continue to the next step.
  • Select Only the drive where Windows is installed.
  • Select Just remove any file.
  • Select Reset.

Windows reinstalls the operating system and your computer restarts.

  • You can perform an HP System Recovery to completely remove all the files, including local account password information, and go back to the way the computer was when it was first purchased. For more information.
  • Call local computer repair and service stores. Local stores may offer password recovery services for a fee.
  • If you are unable to locate a local service to recover your particular password, you can contact HP SmartFriend to help you recover or reset the password you use to sign in to Windows 10 account setup.