Proceed with the step-by-step instructions to know how to perform offline windows patching.




    • Download the WSUS Offline Update tool from the manufacturer site.

    • Select wsusoffline75 -> wsusoffline -> Update Generator.exe.

    • As soon as you see the ‘Open File-Security Warning’ window on the screen, click the Run button.

    • When the next window opens, go to the Windows tab.

    • If you are using Windows XP Operating System, go to the Windows XP section and checkmark the box next to your desired language.

    • Select Clean up download directories -> Include Service Packs -> Include Microsoft Security Essentials -> Verify downloaded updates -> Include C++ Runtime Libraries and NET frameworks -> Include Windows Defender definitions.

    • Select the Start button. When the Version Check window opens, select the No button not checks the version.

    • Close the Command window and then select the No button in the Error window.

    • Select the Exit button to close the Update Generator window. Click cmd -> Update Installer.exe.


Offline Windows Patching




  • When you see the Security Warning prompt window, click the Run window.

  • In the Installer window, select Update C++ Runtime Libraries -> Update Root Certificates -> Update DirectX Runtime Libraries -> Verify installation package.

  • Now, click the Start button at the bottom-left corner of the Installer window for offline windows patching.