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Windows 10 Account Settings

When you can’t sign in to your Microsoft account

If you have a problem with signing in to your windows 10 account settings, here are some suggestions that will help you out to get back into your account as soon as possible.
Let us try the easiest thing at first: If it does not work though you are aware of your password, check if the Caps Lock is turned off and make sure your email address is spelled correctly.

Windows 10 Resetting Your Account

Reset your password

If you could not remember your password, do follow the below steps to get into your account.

Go to the Reset your password page.

You will be asked to choose the reason on why to reset the password, then click Next.

Enter the email address of your Microsoft account which you have used previously. This could be any email or an email address ending in a Microsoft domain like or Which is used to enter in windows 10 account settings.

Enter the captcha or characters that prompts you on the screen (this will let us know that you are not a robot), then click Next.

If you have added security information to your Microsoft account, you will be sent a one-time password or code to your alternate phone number or email address for the purpose of verification. Once you enter that code, you will be able log in your account with a new password.

Microsoft account doesn’t exist

When you try to sign in to your Microsoft account settings using an account name which could not be recognized, you will receive a message, “That Microsoft account doesn’t exist. Enter a different email address or get a new account.” It becomes difficult to retrieve the account information. The below steps will help you to find the email address or remember it by yourself.

Step 1

Check whether you have spelled your account name correctly. Ensure that you have typed the appropriate characters and it is not misplaced. Try one or more different variations.

If it is an email address, you might have used your middle name or you might have added a number to it.

  • If you have changed your Mobile number or email recently, make sure you try the older ones too.

Step 2

If you are using an account name from a different type of account, go through the below:

Xbox accounts

Do not use your Xbox Gamertag to sign in to your Microsoft account. Gamertag are used only to represent you to other people while you play and connect on Xbox. You can use email address, phone number, or Skype ID associated with the account, to sign in to your Microsoft windows 10 account settings.
Work or school accounts
Make sure you don’t make use of the account that was supplied by your work or school. Work or school accounts resembles the Microsoft accounts as you use them to sign to different Microsoft apps and services such as Outlook or Office 365. But these accounts are prohibited from services like Xbox and the Microsoft account website.

Step 3

You would have forgotten your account name as you have not signed in for a while or you might have forgotten it as it has been created recently, here are some ways through which you can find your account details:

Ask a friend

You might have sent email to any of your friends by creating an Outlook or Hotmail account with your Microsoft account. You can ask your friends to check their inbox to see what email address you have used.

Use a device that you’re already logged into

If you have an Xbox on your Windows 10 PC, then Find your Microsoft email address walkthrough will give you an idea about the process of finding your account information on your Xbox.

Look for emails from Microsoft

You might have received emails from Microsoft about your Microsoft account to any of your regularly used emails. The mail may mention your account name to sign in the windows 10 account settings.

Step 4

Your account might have closed or deleted. If it was deleted, it cannot be recovered. When you try to sign in to an account which has been deleted already, you will see the message on the screen “Microsoft account doesn’t exist”. Look at the below options and see if one of these options applies to you:

You closed your account but want to reopen it

If you decide to reopen your Microsoft account which you have closed recently, you can do it within the next 60 days by signing in to your account again. The data will be hold on for this period and thus prevent loss of data. However, the account and its data will be deleted permanently after those 60 days have passed.

It’s been a long time since you’ve signed in to your account

The account might have deleted due to continued activity. You should remember the last time you signed in to the account, and see to it if your account might have been deleted due to inactivity for windows 10 account settings.

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