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Apps in Microsoft Windows 10

Windows 10 is used by huge people around the World which deliver an innovative experience on your PC, Windows phone and Xbox. The prominent thing about Windows 10 is that it lets you easily install apps that run on almost all sorts of devices from phones to PCs.

Microsoft has some of the best apps viz,

Groove Music App

Microsoft Groove Music is a music app that brings you all the music you love for Windows 10. Groove music app lets you listen and add your MP3you on your OneDrive account.By adding your music to OneDrive, you can point the Groove Music app or Xbox Music apps to play it on all your devices. This Groove app is feasible on Windows 10, Windows phone, Android, iOS as well as Xbox. You can use the Groove Music app to play the songs on other devices too such as PCs, tablets for free.

If you want to hear your Music Offline, you can directly download the Groove Music app. If you want all your music offline, all you need to do is just toggle the download option to ON. The best way to use the app is to use it with a Groove Music Pass. For a low monthly fee, Groove Music Pass lets you store music for offline and you can use the feature on five devices at one time.

Play Music in the Groove App on Windows 10

  • You can find the Groove Music app pinned on Start in Windows 10. You will also find it listed alphabetically in all apps.
  • Compatible song files in your Music folder will occur in the app.
  • To point Groove Music app to additional folders, launch the app and go to Settings, choosePreferencesand then Choose where we look for music on this PC.

To add your music to OneDrive

You can create a Music folder in OneDrive if you don’t have one already.

Open the MP3 music file folder, where you usually keep your Music files.

Just select the list of music files and drag them to your Music folder on OneDrive.

Now, you can use the Groove Music app to play your tunes on any of your devices.

To upload photos in Microsoft Photos App

Working together with the Microsoft Photos app and OneDrive will get your photos and videos from any device.

To configure Microsoft Photos App to your device

For iOS, Mac OSX and Android Devices

Install the Microsoft photos app on your device

Go to Settings

Enable or turn on Settings to upload your photos and videos automatically.

For Windows 10 Mobile devices

In your Windows 10 Mobile devices, the Camera roll is automatically uploaded to OneDrive by default.

The photos from your phone can be viewed through the Photos app on your PC. If you don’t find the photos, open the OneDrive app on your Mobile device.

On the OneDrive app, go to settings and make sure that manage OneDrive upload settings are ON.

For PCs running Windows 8.1 or Windows 10

Open the file explorer on your system

Then drag the pictures folder directly from This PC over to OneDrive.

To Import pictures to the Microsoft Photos App

The pictures on a camera with an SD Card or the pictures saved to a USB drive or an external drive can be imported to the Microsoft Photos App on your PC. The simplest way to import the pictures onto your PC is as follows.

Use a USB cable to connect the PC and your Mobile device.

Open the folder where your new pictures are located on the PC.

Click the Start Asset not found button, then select Photos.

Select Import and follow the instructions to import the photos.

The app now will automatically select items you haven’t imported before, or you can choose what to import.

To add more pictures to the Microsoft Photos App

The photos app on your device will automatically find almost all of the photos and videos on your PC. In case, if it misses any of the folders, you will need to help the app to look for it.

Click the Start Asset not found button, select Photosfrom the results, and then select Settings.

Under Sources, click Add a folder.

Browse to a folder on your PC where the file contains a copy of an external drive or a network drive connected to your PC, and then select Add this folder to Pictures.

Step 4

You can also add subfolders to the folders, which are included in the folder.

Windows 10 Movie, TV and People App

Microsoft Movies and TV app

Microsoft Movies & TV app offers you the latest HD movies and TV shows on your Windows 10 device. This service can be accessible on Xbox 360, Xbox one Windows 8 and later. Buy and catch up new blockbuster movies and favorite classics, or last night’s TV episodes. Movies & TV also offers you instant-on HD and fast access to your video playlists.

To add video folders to Microsoft Movies and TV app

Initially, Select the Settings icon from the Movies and TV app.

Select the option Choose where we look for videos.

Add up or remove folders, then choose Done.

Photos help app

The Microsoft Photos App brings all the photos and videos together from your devices, enhances them to a better quality and organizes to create and share your own albums.

Microsoft Maps App

Microsoft Maps is one of the built-in application that comes along with Windows 10.Launch the Maps app to navigate through places and the app will take you to the desired location.The document gives you an idea on how to download Offline Maps. Whether you are walking, driving, or taking the bus, Maps for Windows 10 gets you there.

Get turn-by-turn directions through the Map

Maps App will help you out with the guidance, all you have to do is to keep your eyes on the road while Maps guides you out loud.

Select the Start button at the bottom of the screen, then select Maps Asset not found and then click Directions.

You can choose a transportation mode you want or you like. For instance, choose Walking.

In the TO Field, type any address, city, or business name and select from the appeared results.

Select GO to hear step-by-step directions as you travel.

To download offline maps

Travel without alive internet connection by downloading maps over Wi-Fi before you go. Use the downloaded maps to find out the directions even when you are Offline.

With the Maps app closed on your PC, select the Start button, then click Settings, choose System and then select Offline maps.


To save your offline maps to any other location on your device, go to storage location. Under storage location, select from the available options to which you want to save the offline maps.

Select Download maps, and then choose the region where you want to download the map.

People app

When you add an account through any app on your Windows 10 PC, either through the Mail and Calendar apps or other social media apps, any contacts relatedto those accounts will show up in the People app. You can find the People app by simply typing People in the search box on the taskbar.

To find your Contacts in Windows 10

To see all your contact lists in one place, use the People app. This app will let all your contacts to be listed alphabetically.

To open the people app, click the Start button or type people in the search Windows and then select Peoplefrom the results.

Create an account if you don’t have one already. Sign intoyour account and enter your account info.

In order to add all the contacts associated with your email account, you will have select Settings.

From the settings page, click Add an account and follow the further instructions that are displayed on the screen.

To add a contact or to add alist of contacts to the app, select Add , and choose the account in which you would like to save new contacts to.

Then add the contact’s name and add other information that you would like to store. When you are done, click Save.

How do I link duplicate contacts in the People app?

When you see duplicate contacts saved in a single account, link the contacts using the people app. When you have the same person saved in several multiple accounts with slightly different information in each contact. To fix this duplicate contact, combine the information from both contacts. Then, you will find only one contact with that name. To link contacts,

Open the People app from your Windows 10 PC.

Select the contact which you want to link, then select the chain-shaped Link button.

Click Choose a contact to link, then pick a contact from the list of your contacts.

To add any device to Windows PC

When you plug in any device to your Windows PC, the Windows will automatically find devices. If you don’t find the device on the PC, do follow the steps below.

In the search Windows box on the taskbar, type devices.

You will have to select Devices from the list of search results.

Select Add a device from the displayed screen.

Mail and Calendar App

Windows 10 has Mail and Calendar app whichkeeps you updated with your email. The calendar provides helpful andstipulated views of your schedule like aday, week and month.You will find this app very easy and helpful. Make use of the App by adding your accounts. When you open the Mail and Calendar App for the first time, you will see a Welcome Page.

To setup your Mail and Calendar App account

Go to Start button, or type mail or calendar in the search box on the taskbar.

Open the Mail or Calendar app, select Settings at the bottom leftcorner of the screen.

From settings page, Go to Manage Accounts, then click Add account, choose your account type, and then follow the instructions that display on the screen.

As your account is setup, your mail and calendar will start syncing.

A couple of other things that you want to know:

  • After adding one account, get back to settings to add more.
  • You need not add the same account twicewhen you add it to one app, the other app lets you connect automatically to the same account. Switch back and forth between the two by selecting the Mail or Calendar icons at the bottom left side of the window.
  • To delete an account, Go to settings, from the settings page, select Manage Accounts and then choose the account you want to delete. You can delete an account at any time by selecting Delete account.
  • If you already have a Microsoft account with your Windows 10 PC, that account will be added automatically to the Mail and Calendar apps and cannot be deleted. But if you want, you can remove any others you added yourself.
  • If this document did not help you out on how to use these apps or if you have more questions about how to use the apps, including the troubleshooting information or if you are having problems with adding an account, you can find the answers by going toSettings.
  • From the settings page, click Help. Then selectOpen Help in the Mail and calendar app.