Windows 10 update could delete your files And Bricks Pcs in Fresh Blow to Microsoft Users

Windows 10 update could delete your files

Windows 10 OS users are livid with the software giant since the recent Windows Update was launched. Microsoft’s latest update KB4541335 is making trouble for the users who have installed it. We all know that the Windows operating system is the most popular and vastly used OS in the world. But the latest update throws the bricks through Windows PCs now. Also, it is deleting the user files stored in the system memory. 

The only possible solution is to roll back to the previous version. Windows OS allows you to downgrade the current OS with a few simple steps. But there is a problem in moving to the earlier version because if you have installed the latest update before ten days, you are not eligible to roll back. You need to install the previous version freshly on your PC. Otherwise, wait for few more months to get the new patch and final Windows update. If you have not exceeded ten days from when you have installed the recent update, you can use the below-mentioned steps to go back to the previous version on your Windows PC and Windows 10 update could delete your files.

  • On your Windows, click the Start menu available at the bottom-left corner of the screen.
  • From the pop-up window, click the Settings icon seen in the left side.
  • Once you are directed to the Windows Settings window, click the Update & Security tab.
  • Navigate to the left-side panel and click the Windows Update tab.
  • Next, select the View update history option and click the Uninstall updates button to remove the recent updates.
  • Now, search for the KB4541335 update and uninstall it from your PC.
  • If you aren’t able to find the KB4541335 update, then you have not installed the update.
  • Since it is an optional update, you will not be forced to update it otherwise Windows 10 update could delete your files.